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Service #1

Identify how to MOVE FORWARD to your LIFE PURPOSE by taking little steps in the right direction.

Service #2 - ONE IDEA

One idea could change your life!

Identify initially your ONE IDEA that will have a major impact in your life & work it from birth to fulfilment.

Service #3 - Set & Achieve Goals

Follow a step-by-step easy system that will guide you in your complete planning towards your goal/s

Service #4 - Order & Direction

Establish daily order & direction by following a clear plan of action and monitor your progress.

Service #5 - Support & Community

You will receive online support & meet like-minded individuals all striving to achieve the same...


Service #6 - Tools @ Home

You will receive all necessary tools to assist you in identifying, planning and executing your one idea goal and this will happen in the comfort of your home


I Teach & Equip My Clients

In a professional way with online coaching & accountability

a method that produces results

by using a simple system and by taking small daily steps

implementing ONE IDEA from birth to fulfilment

and then to duplicate it with more ideas

to the better of their lives!


Part One:

Modules 1-3

The first 3 modules will be self-study and can be done at your own pace.

You will do this part in the month that you register for the course

You will book an onboarding call with me so that we can talk about your idea and goals

On the last Wednesday of the month we will host a 'readiness' zoom call with all the members doing the course

The modules MUST be completed to do part two

Part Two:

Module 4

In this part we will cover the actual goal setting strategies and planning. Planning on paper is half the battle won!


We will do this as a team, as team work and accountability from your team members can be a great driving force to stay on course

Certain modules and lessons will be opened up at certain times

Every Wednesday we will host an "accountability & coaching" Zoom call to discuss your progress and/or obstacles

Private coaching call can be booked if need be (to be charged)

Each opened module / lesson MUST be completed before the next modules / lessons will open up

Part Three:

Modules 5 to 6

In this part we will take all the planning done in the previous module and add them to daily, weekly and monthly planners

This will keep you informed and on track with your daily / weekly / monthly activity to align with your goal

Visualization and training / activating your subconscious mind in the last module

The same GENERAL POINTS set out in part two will apply here

We all know the feeling of trying to reach our life goals, and feeling stuck in a rut... Jennifer Laing has really put her heart into this training. She leaves you motivated and energized to get unstuck and reach your life goals. Her video tutorial lessons are very practical and easy to follow. She guides you step-by-step on how to pinpoint your obstacles and which areas in your life you need to change. She guides you on how to set realistic timeline goals. Her worksheets are professional and practical. The wheel of life will help you to change the one area in your life where you need to bring change. Her daily, weekly, and monthly goal sheets are helpful and will help you to stick to your goals. The idea of being accountable to someone else is a must in reaching your dreams. I think this course will change your life. Just do it.



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